Easy Way To Refill, Transfer Or Empty Boxed Wine Bags With VITOP Tap


  • Easy to set up, user-friendly

  • Hygienic and very easy to clean

  • Durable, operates with pump and by gravity

  • Compliments Juggage BIB bags


Juggage BIB Connector is actually developed to guarantee well-kept, quick, economic, reliable and also tight connections with VITOP taps to pump or gravity beverages or liquids through the circulation systems utilized in bars, pubs, restaurants or even households. 

It is exceptionally simple to set up, undo as well as clean this connector. All manipulations take just a couple of seconds, which makes its use extremely straightforward as well as intuitive and user-friendly. 

[TIP]: You can use the Juggage BIB Connector to refill the Juggage BIB Bag (sold separately) as well as any other bags with VITOP tap. 

Some examples where you could utilize Juggage BIB Connector: 
- re-use bags from commercial boxed wine packages 
- use 10L or 20L bags for bulk storage/aging and then transfer liquids to bags of smaller sizes for easy consumption 
- use bags of any size as bar beverage system and transfer the beverages to tap equipment 
- rack your wine from carboy to BIB bag(s) directly 
- etc 

In all cases you will also need pvc tubing with 5/16" I.D. If you will work with two BIB bags you will need two connectors. 

100% satisfaction guarantee: We want you to buy with confidence. That is why, we offer 60 days guarantee on exchange or refund (customer choice) and we pay for return shipping. 

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