Juggage BIB Bag - Wine And Liquid Food Bags with Plastic Dispenser - Storage Bags with VITOP tap – Factory Sterilized - Suitable for Storing Wine Water Juice Syrup Sauce Eggs Milk and More


  • AN UNBREAKABLE ALTERNATIVE - Carry and enjoy wine or other favorite beverage anywhere with no worries about fragile glass bottles

  • HYGIENIC AND CONVENIENT - Our beverage pouches are aseptic and allow for easy disposal or can be re-used

  • PERFECTLY SIZED FOR VERSATILE STORAGE - Store wine, cider, water, juice, syrup, sauce, eggs, milk and cooking oils in our wine and liquid food bags which come in 3L, 5L, 10L and 20L sizes

  • A PERFECT POUR - Plastic tap makes pouring wine right from the bag easy and has a leak-proof and air-locked valve


Juggage BIB Bags are the solution to a number of common beverage and liquid food storage problems and are perfect for use at home or on the go. Completely aseptic, our disposable pouches are free of toxins and impurities to ensure food and beverage safety and allow whatever you store inside to remain fresh and flavorful until you are ready to enjoy it. 

Available in 3, 5, 10 and 20-liter sizes, Juggage Bags are crafted out of thick, leak-proof materials. The bag design includes a convenient integrated VITOP tap that makes it easy to dispense whatever is stored inside directly from the bag. When the bag is empty, you can simply throw it away for quick and easy disposal. 

Whether you are headed to a party, camping, picnic or to tailgate before an event, taking bottled wine and beverages along can be a hassle. Glass is fragile and can easily become broken when you are on the go, and it can be difficult to pour precise amounts of beverages from large bottles. eliminate these problems. Completely unbreakable, our wine pouches can be used to keep whites chilled in a cooler or to serve reds anywhere. They are also ideal for beer, cider, water, juice and milk. 

Buying food in bulk can help your family save money, but storing bulk bottles of syrup, sauce, condiments and cooking oils can be a hassle. And how can you get just a small amount of food from one of those huge, wide-mouth bottles? By pouring the contents of those large bottles into Juggage Bags, you can keep foods fresh and make it much easier to use the ideal amount of sauce, syrup or oil when you need it.

100% satisfaction guarantee: We want you to buy with confidence. That's why, in addition to Amazon Return Policy and A-to-z Guarantee Protection provided by Amazon, we, at Juggage, offer exchange or refund (customer choice) and we pay for the return shipping.

Stop taking risks toting breakable wine and beverage bottles with you on the go. Store and pour foods in a neater, simpler way. Order a package of today!

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