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Our Story

Like how Hunter S. Thompson put it, “Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing”, this is how wine making affects me. The art of winemaking have entice me with its intricate charm. It pushed me to not only do my research and explore its rich history but it leads me into a certain level of passion to ask what is still there that is yet to be discover.


Just like any other winemaking enthusiasts, I also dreamed of having my own winery, where I can age my own selections. However, fulfilling that dream will take a lot of money, hard work and more research, it is a wild dream I must admit. What I am thankful with the advancement of technology and the availability of information today, a wild dream as long as it is fuel with determination can somehow materialize.


When I conceptualize to develop the use of boxed wine bags or Bag-In-Box (BIB) bags with my hobby I was thinking what are the needs of home winemaking buffs like me. I personally have questions about the proper handling of wine as it age. I wonder why there are certain variety that stale out easily. I also asked how temperature ruin the taste of the wine. Yes, all sorts of questions about wine and winemaking, I want to test the whole ecosystem where the BIB bag is the center. With the help of the right people one by one, I have found the answers to all my questions.


With the help of my team we have develop the BIB bag where we can age and store wine in it and because of its portable size, we can take out these bags into special Vine & Dine Cooler Bag. One of the best thing we want to highlight with these bags is that we can transfer wine in/out/between BIB bags using the BIB connector.


We are now offering BIB bags in complete range of sizes. Our BIB bags are not only for wines, you can also use them in storing water, syrup, milk, sauce, juice, eggs as we aim for convenience and cost-effectiveness for our products. Furthermore, it is 100% hygienic, our beverage pouches allow for easy disposal or it can be reuse, it is also aseptic. We test and calculate all the factors that our customers may need and want with their wine BIB bags and we aim to exceed their expectations.


I never thought that engaging with this hobby of winemaking would result into entering this new endeavor. I want to share this with those people who also fell in love with this art. Who knows one of these days one of the sought after winemaker in the world will be the reader of this article.


I know that my journey with my growing passion will continue. And to this date I am more thrilled to explore beyond the unsurvey territory of home winemaking. I am grateful with the success of this endeavor that is why I am here sharing my story.