Glass Hydrometer Test Jar - 250 ml (355 ml max) capacity - 13" Tall - Heavy Duty Lab Cylinder -Thick Chemical-Laboratory Glass - Tall & Stable Removable Base


  • Professional Lab Glassware - works with corrosive liquids and with temperature up to 248°F (120°C)

  • Removable base made from strong and solid plastic. It is thick, wide and tall, tightly fits the cylinder to prevent tipping

  • Please check the "Product Description" section for complete sizing info

  • Proudly made on ISO 9001:2008 certified production facility with 50 years experience of laboratory glassware manufacturing

It doesn't matter what you are - a scientist working on a scientific experiments in chemistry and biology laboratories or you are an enthusiast of home wine making and brewing - Juggage Glass Hydrometer Test Jar will definitely be a good companion for your endeavors. 

Thick walled, chemical and heat resistant with a low coefficient of expansion, laboratory glass designed to last whether it's for lab experiments, kitchen or for your wine making or brewing needs. 

Complete sizing info (+/- 1mm): 
Height: cylinder w/base - 13"(33cm); cylinder wo/base - 12.5"(31.8cm); base itself - 2"(5cm) 
O.D.: cylinder - 1.6"(4cm); base top - 1.8"(4.5cm); base bottom - 3"(7.7cm) 

100% satisfaction guarantee: We want you to buy with confidence. That is why, we offer 60 days guarantee on exchange or refund (customer choice) and we pay for return shipping. 

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